I work with looking at my subject through something, a kind of obstacle, a leg span, something that limits the experience and creates a relationship between outside and inside or here and there, for example the limitation that lies in seeing a subject through a car window, a TV screen, binoculars, a fogged window, a window in a house, through a hole or an opening in a wall etc.

I can sit in a car and be mesmerized by the landscapes that swirl by. It gives me inspiration to capture the experience, to freeze the moment, depict speed and pace, and capture the transition from light to dark, twilight and sunset, because here the colors are particularly dramatic and magical.


The frame controls the view and becomes as important a part of the subject as what I am looking at. The frame sets the scene and contributes to the overall storytelling of the images.


I capture the everyday life and freeze the moment by taking photos on the spot with my mobile phone. I  use the photos as inspiration when I paint.


In preparation, I draw sketches on paper with pastel chalk. When I have clarified the composition and color choice, I draw my subject loosely on the canvas. In the painting process, I correct and refine the motif by painting in thin layers of acrylic paint on top of each other.


The brush strokes are fast and exploratory, and the color palette always contains complementary colors. The clear brush strokes and the choice of colors gives the motifs a dynamic and dramatic expression.